Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Great New Experience

I had a great time tonight.  I met with a fellow blogger, Jeanette, from Heartslinked.  It turns out we live about an hour away from each other and she was nice enough to come to my neck of the woods for our first f2f visit.  I've never met another real and in person first mom before.  I was a little nervous, wondering if we would have enough to talk about, enough in common to not make our visit awkward.  Six hours later we were still going strong!  We talked about EVERYTHING!

This was the first time I've ever talked about my son with someone who absolutely, unequivocally, got it.  No shame or explanations necessary.   It was so freeing, not only to talk about how I felt, but to listen to what she had to say and completely get where she was coming from.  We talked about our individual adoption experiences, the politics of adoption, family, our kids, husbands, diets, allergies, work, and how they all linked back to adoption.  It seems most things in our lives lead back to adoption, but for the first time for me, that was okay, it actually made sense.

The only loss we felt tonight was the absence of other fellow bloggers that we respect and hope to meet live and in person someday soon.  What a great experience it will be to talk (and not type) to a group of women I've come to respect so much.  I'm crossing my fingers that I'll make it to Chicago.  If not, anyone interested in a Napa Valley Wine Tour?