Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thinking of Chicago

I know it's a year away, but I'm excited that the next Adoptee Rights Day demonstration will be in Chicago.  It's my home town, we still have a lot of family and friends there and try to go back at least once a year.  I think that it is fitting for me to "come out" so to speak and support adoptees having access to their OBC's in a town where everything about my pregnancy and my son was so secretive. 

So, barring any unforeseen calamities, count me in for Chicago.  Who knows, maybe there will be a very special someone demonstrating with me?  A girl can hope.


  1. I'm going to Chicago too! I've never been and I hear it's amazing so I'm going to be getting my protest on :-) Is it next August yet?

  2. Chicago is a really, really great city looking forward to meeting you and maybe sharing my favorite pizza plsce with everyone!