Monday, October 17, 2011

Ah, adoption life!

I've been absent from here for a while.  I'll get to that soon.  Just wanted to share an experience that happened last week.

I was standing in my store, my daughter and her best friend had just arrived from school.  An older woman (I'm guessing mid-sixties) came in asking me if I sold postcards.  I have a boutique for women, clothing, accessories and shoes, not a postcard in sight.  We live in a lovely small town outside San Francisco, on the water.  Should be a big tourist town, but it's the best kept secret in the Bay Area.  You would think there would be postcards all over the place, but there aren't.

Sometimes I feel a little like a bartender.  People come in my store and and out of the blue start to tell me details of their lives.  This woman tells me that she was really sick last year and that her brother is waiting in the car for her.  This is significant because it's only the second time she's ever met her brother.  You see, her mother had given her brother up for adoption when he was born.  Really?!  I look at my daughter and just smile.  I tell the woman that I hope she enjoys her visit with her brother and hope that she finds those postcards she's looking for.

When she leaves I look at my daughter and say "I really hope you're not that old when you get to meet your brother."  "Mom, when I'm that old he's going to be like 80."  "Yep", I answer, "and I'm going to be long gone."  Really hope she gets to meet him before I'm 80.

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  1. Adoption is really all around us some days. Even when I try to avoid it, I seem to bump into people that are highly impacted by adoption.

    FYI - I think you live in my neck of the woods, or atleast not all that far away. If you want tocontact me email me @