Monday, October 31, 2011

Bringing out the Snarky in Me

I saw this link on the Adoption News and Events page that I follow on Facebook.  What is it they say about not learning from the past and having history repeat itself?  Here are a few "facts" from their Info page:

Advantages to Closed Adoption:
-sense of closure and privacy for birth parents: Wow, not knowing where my child was, what his name was, how he was, etc. created a real sense of closure for me over the last 32 years.  And I'm oh so happy that he couldn't find me EVER, not to mention medical facts about himself because of those privacy protecting closed records.
-reduced fear of having to explain reasons and prevent confrontation: God forbid anyone should have to explain adoption to their adopted child and even scarier, to have to confront, I don't know, anger? confusion? fear? from their adopted child.
-protection and less threat to adoptive parents: That's right, better protect yourselves from those hatchet waving, crazed, grief stricken birth parents who I'm sure are going to call you every chance they get and threaten you.

Why Keep Record Closed:
-opening records causes more birth parents to debate if adoption is the right decision.  Well, that is definitely a no, no.  Wouldn't want birth parents thinking too hard about this.  They might actually *gasp* decide that raising their babies is the best thing.
-invades personal privacy that birth parents were promised:  Hellooo???  How many times do we have to say this?  We were never promised privacy!!  This is a myth of, oh, I don't know, mythical proportions? Not only were we not promised it, most of us don't want it.  Personally, nothing pisses me off more than someone using me as a poster child for something I DON'T WANT!

There are more beautiful tidbits on their page, but nausea has taken over, and I feel a threatening rant coming on that I might have to explain to someone.

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  1. That page made me ill. Of course, it is affiliated with a baby broker. Thankfully, no one has posted anything in over a year, so I think we should fill it with adoption TRUTH, just in case someone stumbles upon it. Ugh. Im so sick of the profiteers speaking for adoptees and their Mothers.