Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Wonder What He Thinks

I wonder sometimes, what my son thinks about adoption.  Is he someone who was greatly affected by it?  Is he someone that has connected the dots of his life and have some of those dots led him back to me?  Is there anger or pain there?  Is there curiosity?  What about denial?  Is he someone who will deny that adoption has caused issues in his life?  Is he a "happy" adoptee?  Has he ever tried to get his OBC and is he frustrated in not being able to?  Will he be one of the adoptees trying to get his OBC on Nov. 15th in Illinois?

I hope one day to find all these things out.  For today, I'm just wondering.

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  1. I too often wish that I knew what my son really thought about his adoption, about me. I think his views of adoption have changed in the course of our reunion, but he won't talk about anything "deep", so I don't really know where he stands on things now.

    I did recently find out that he didn't even know that he had a birth certificate with his true birth information on it, thought his OBC was the first one his parents received.

    I hope that your questions are answered one day!