Friday, November 11, 2011

Close, But No Cigar

Several times a week, I go to my son's Facebook page and check in (as much as possible) with what is happening in his life. Okay, I know this might seem stalker like, but I just can't help myself.   I desperately want to know him, I'm not a psychopath and I won't cause him harm with the things I learn on there, but I am driven to know.

We now have three friends that have friends in common.  Tonight I saw a woman on his page that is friends with someone I have known for about 30 years.  Two of my friends from high school have friends of his on their pages.  I'm dying to call one of them and query after these friends that know my son.  Please can you ask your friend about him?  How do they know him?  What is he like?  Does he talk about adoption?  About me?  Is he okay?

If you met me in real life, I'm not a desperate person.  I'm not this weak.  I'm not outwardly this heartbroken.  I don't know how to fix this.  I don't know why my friends have connections to him, but I can't.  I am lost.


  1. my daughters fb is closed althou I do stop by now and then to see if she has updated her profile photo. I could not imagine what I would feel/do if I found out we had friends in common. I suspect I would indeed ask them how they knew her, etc.

  2. My son's is only partially open. His new bride has some pictures posted that are public. It's been a nice gift to see them. He's stunningly handsome, in my unbiased opinion :-) With the lack of response, I guess I should be grateful I haven't been blocked. I'm still trying to respect his space. I'm nervous about inquiring about him, don't want it to get back to him that I'm snooping, wouldn't feel good about that.